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The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer Northeast Region (FLC) consists of all the New England states, New York, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico, with approximately 35 member research and development (R&D) laboratories. These laboratories represent a variety of agencies (i.e., Departments of Commerce, Energy, Defense, Transportation, etc.). The mission of the FLC is to add value to the federal agencies, laboratories, and their partners to accomplish the rapid integration of research and development resources within the mainstream of the U.S. economy.

FLC-Northeast Fall Regional Meeting Recap

Held September 9th though 11th, the FLC Northeast Fall Regional Meeting provided a great opportunity for all those who attended to network, share, and work to progress the FLC's steadfast mission to develop new, efficient strategies for technology transfer (T2). Proceedings for this season's meeting included such notable topics as: an update on the FLC-NE STEM WEB initiatives, the future of TT metrics, licensing issues - collection of royalties, finding licensee's, and transition of the FLC to new leadership. Accompanying the formal sessions, attendees also had the chance to tour the West Point Museum, network with fellow FLC-NE colleagues and voice their T2 aims and ideas at an open forum.

We would like to thank all of those FLC-NE members who represented their labs and agencies and attended the Fall Regional Meeting. Also, we are particularly grateful to Lew Meixler (Princeton Plasma Physics Lab), Dr. Theresa Baus (Naval Undersea Warefare Center), Robert Braun (U.S. Army PICA), Dr. Fred Snyder (FAA Tech Center, Pomona), Gary Jones, and Michael Larkin for providing a plethora of information and direction on pertinent T2 topics. We look forward to the next FLC-NE regional meeting, as well as the FLC National Meeting, where we can all come together and advance our regional and national T2 efforts.

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